Enjoying the summer

A few weeks ago whilst sipping a fine cappuccino in a coffee shop in Ditchling, West Sussex, we (husband and I) were entertained by a group of lady Morris dancers – and I know there are purists out there who think there is no such thing but these ladies jingled and clashed sticks so I think they count.    These ladies were doing a tea shop crawl (thus proving they are not the real thing) and had about another 19 to go.  Nice work!  Especially if you dance off the calories consumed. Continue reading

Gastric bands – physical and hypnotic

There is a lot of interest at the moment in gastric bands, both physical and hypnotic.  I listened to Vanessa Feltz earlier this week talking about hers and she did sound enthusiastic – although somewhat dismayed to learn from the bariatric surgeon on the programme that there could be complications way down the line.  I have every sympathy with people who feel desperate about losing weight.  Vanessa Feltz was talked about losing the same 5 stone several times and how she simply could not face the hunger and deprivation of another diet.  Many of you out there will also have experienced the dispiriting effects of yo-yo dieting. Continue reading

Having a happier day

On a scale of one to 10, when one is not very, and 10 is delirious, how happy are your right now, today?  Is it high enough for you?.  One thing I do believe is that people are different – I spent many years recruiting people in a previous life – and trust me, they are different.  So it may be that you personally hate delirium – it can be sunseemly – and would opt for a modest and restrained 7 out of 10.  Or you may quite like your persona as a grump, you may even make your money from it – think Jack Dee, so moving from 3 to 4 would be a high risk venture. Continue reading