Hypnotherapy in West Sussex

How many times have you found yourself knowing what you need to do, but somehow doing the exact opposite?  Problems like this are the result of internal conflicts and until these are resolved you are likely to keep repeating the same old patterns that your know aren’t working, but which seem to resist all your best efforts to change them.

Hypnosis is a very good tool for dealing with these dilemmas because it deals directly with the subconscious mind which is the one that is really running the show.  Many problems can be resolved with a few sessions of hypnotherapy and deep and lasting change can be yours.

Tip of the Week – Mindful eating

One bad habit that leads to over-eating is mindless eating. By this I mean eating when doing something else and therefore not noticing what you eating. This is an unhelpful practice on two counts. Firstly, you are not enjoying what you eat, (and research from positive psychologists shows that savouring experiences is one way to increase your levels of overall life satisfaction and happiness), and secondly, you are highly likely to be eating much more than you need. Have you ever scrabbled in the bottom of a packet to find that whatever it was has gone, and you didn’t even notice it going?

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