I practice coaching in Midhurst, Petworth and London EC1.

My coaching is actually more like a personal consulting process than pure coaching.  That is, I see the process as a collaborative relationship in which I help you achieve your goals.  Just as businesses employ consultants for their expertise, I would bring my experience and training to the party and alongside you, I would help you  design a programme for achieving your goals.

My personal coaching is not as passive as some approaches and I  bring psychology and NLP to the relationship.  I do however, firmly believe that you know best what will work for you and you control the pace and agenda at all times.



NLP is applied psychology.  It teaches you how to understand how you, and others, do what you do.  It offers specific practical ways to improve your ability to communicate, manage your feelings and responses and produce rapid learning and behaviour change.  The great thing about NLP is that it accelerates the coaching, counselling and hypnosis and once you have learnt the techniques you can use them yourself in a variety of situations.

Positive Psychology


Positive Psychology is the science behind how people manage to stay well and find happiness and well-being.  Despite the name, it is not about thinking positive, which many people feel is either a sticking plaster at best, or dishonest at worst.   The positive psychologists have identified a number of specific things that contribute to our overall sense of well-being and also some practical interventions for bringing more pleasure and joy into our lives.

Many of these actions are incredibly straight forward and seem almost simplistic on the face of it.  The interesting part is why, if it is all so simple, we can have such difficulty with implementing some relatively straightforward practices into our lives.

Coaching varies in length.  I often do single sessions for clients who have specific goals like getting through an interview or presentation.  More complex goals – perhaps finding a new job or becoming self-employed can take longer.   It all depends on the nature and complexity of what  you are trying to achieve.  A complete life overhaul is going to take longer than honing your communication skills.

After the first meeting when we have clarified your goals, we would decide on the number of sessions that are likely to be needed.  Halfway through we would review progress and goals and make any adjustments.  I also have clients who have regular quarterly or half yearly reviews to refresh and renergise themselves.  It is useful to check in every now and then to ensure that you are moving in the direction you have chosen.

Coaching can take place in person in Midhurst, Petworth, and London EC1 or by phone or skype.