Makeup Counts

The Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College published the results of a study that indicated that wearing makeup has a significant impact on how women were rated in terms of their health, attractiveness and more importantly, their earning power. Like it or not, image counts. Clearly we all have a choice about whether or not to make up in the morning but it may be worthwhile in situations where you have little time to make an impression or when, as I secretly suspect, impressions count more than people are willing to admit. Job interviews spring to mind.

The researchers found that both men and women are equally affected by makeup although women thought eye makeup the most important factor whilst men liked the full works. Lipstick on its own has little impact – and in any case looks odd in my opinion.

This might not be a message that people want to hear but I have come across this idea before and indeed, have anecdotal evidence of my own (for which you will need to speak to me) that it is noted in interview situations.

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