Foodie Stuff – What I eat

I firmly believe that different eating styles work for different people.. I know from personal experience and observation of the efforts of friends and clients that bodies do not respond identically to the same foods.

I also shy away from rules. Flexibility is the key to success in positive eating (actually many things in life!) and there will always be times when a preferred food choice is not available. So relax.

My basic guidelines on food are:

  • Fresh
  • Natural
  • Not made in a factory
  • If it is made in a factory, it is made with minimal interference and additional ingredients (who would be without Total yoghurt and foodie that I am, I will not be making my own sausages any time soon)
  • Recognisable – so nothing extruded, reformed or mechanically recovered

Balance is key, one factory farmed meal never hurt anyone. It is the things you do every day that create the problems.

Don’t punish yourself with reduced calorie, lo-fat, ersatz anything. I love cooking and one of the real downsides for me of my old “diet” mentality was the impact it had on my hobby of cooking. If I was on a diet, I wasn’t tempting myself with anything delicious, which is also tough on my husband, and if I was temporarily off the diet, then I had to eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow I would be abstaining once more.

The other dilemma is that as a cook, I detest calorie cutting techniques that detract from maximum yum factor so I will not cut calorie content to the detriment of flavour and texture. The result of too much Spartan fare, is rebellion. Too much plain grilled, skin off chicken breast and undressed salad leads me into not just temptation but outright rebellion. Food must be satisfying or you will keep going back for more.

Make, or choose, delicious food and savour every mouthful.

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