The Art of Illusion – Slender Dressing

This refers to clothes not salads. You will know instinctively that there are some outfits that make you feel slimmer and which attract more compliments. Everyone needs a couple of these outfits in their wardrobes for those days when we need an extra boost. One idea is to dress in one colour head to toe – and I don’t mean only in black. One colour dressing avoids breaking the body up so the eye travels up and down much more quickly. If you want to break up the look, add colour high up the body with accessories – a scarf, necklace or eye-catching earrings.

Another way to introduce a colour whilst retaining the slimming properties of an outfit, is to wear a contrast colour in an outer garment like a jacket or cardigan. Keep the inside colour the same on top and bottom. If the outer garment is darker, even better. As this also makes you look taller, I consider this a double bonus – but then I am only 5′ 2″.

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