Why tall people earn more and how you can look taller

I intended to listen to Daniel Finkelstein on Radio 4 this morning but missed it, and for some reason it is not on iplayer.  The programme is basically about pay but he touched on the issue of why tall, attractive people earn more.  This is an idea that I am acquainted with and there has been quite a lot of research that suggests this is true.  Sad, perhaps, but true.  Sad not just because tall, beautiful people are richer, but also because the benefits extend to lots of areas of life.  They are also more likely to get off in court (so make sure you look your best when you go to plead to get off your parking fine), are more likely to be offered jobs in the first place, have more friends and be considered more intelligent.  These are just some of the benefits I can remember off the top of my head.

As someone who is both vertically challenged and not as young (read lovely) as I once was, this is very irritating information.  However, all need not be lost as there are many tricks you can employ to both look taller and fool people into thinking you are more attractive – other than stilts and plastic surgery of course.  There are both external tricks you can employ or inner confidence raising techniques. (I use them all).  Or of course a combination which is, perhaps, what I would recommend.

An inner sense of confidence has enormous impact on your body language.  Try this before you next interview – or court appearance.  Remember a time when you felt really, really confident.  Imagine yourself back into the time as fully as possible, imagine yourself into the situation and look out through your own eyes as if it were happening.  Imagine any sounds, people, feelings, sights and even smells or tastes if they were there (For all I know your finest hour was taking a fabulous loaf out of the oven).  When you really feel as good as you did in the imaginary situation, go forth into the interview room, or courthouse.  You will find that your posture has improved, you look more relaxed, and you should be smiling – all of which will improve other people’s estimation of your height and attractiveness.

If inner confidence eludes you and you have not time to book a hypnosis or NLP session, try some tricks from the style industry.

  • Wear reasonably large earrings (this works best for women!).  A truly magical trick I once saw demonstrated to prove its height increasing potential.  It works.
  • Wear one colour from head to toe (try not to make it black unless you want to look like a Goth or a funeral director.  Get some colour into your accessories at least).
  • Keep attention focused on your face by adding colour or jewellery from shoulders upwards.

Actually, all these work best for women.  I guess men will just have to concentrate of their inner calm and confidence.

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